‘Reveal’ The Glenmorangie Company

In 2005 The Glenmorangie Company was purchased by LVMH and undertook a complete re-branding. Influenced by the company’s strong, historical roots in this part of Ross-shire, the decision was made to adopt a design from the carving on the Hilton Stone. This design, known as the signet, is used globally on all of Glenmorangies products.

Celebrating the opening of a new state of the art bottling plant in Livingston, Glenmorangie commissioned me to design and carve a major new piece of Public Art to be placed at the entrance.

Carved from a 25 ton block of Clashach sandstone the sculpture shows the elegant design of the signet being revealed, as leaves are blown from its surface.

Sketch proposalsketch proposal

25 ton stone is maneuvered into place25 ton block being lifted into place

rev4work begins




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