Memorial sculpture, Health Centre, Tain

I was asked to design a sculpture as a memorial to commemorate a well-respected Doctor here in the town of Tain in the Highlands of Scotland. The sculpture now awaits installation in the grounds of the new Health Centre.

I used the motif of a leaf as for me they portray strength, beauty and stillness, as well as the ephemeral aspect of life.

In the near future glass raindrops will be fitted to the sculpture with the largest one containing a note with the doctors’ name and what he meant to the people who worked alongside him. The sculpture is carved from 3.2 tons of Towkowski granite, quarried north of St. Petersburg, Russia and is just under 2.5m in length. This is a particularly hard and demanding granite to carve but polishes to a beautiful, lustrous purple hue- giving a feeling of calmness.


Sketch Proposal for client


At the stone yard with my son identifying a suitable granite


Granite is turned over and work begins in earnest


Getting close to the form


Work progresses


Glass raindrops being created at Glasstorm here in Tain


Sculpture detail


The completed sculpture ready to be transported





Sculpture complete and in the grounds of Tain Health Centre

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